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world clean up day 2018
Beach Clean-ups

WorldCleanUpDay with Plastic Punch!

Plastic Punch on WorldCleanupDay focused on schools. Activities on the day included cleaning the turtle nesting beach of New Ningo, Art Workshop on the Environment, Dance workshop, quizes and Find the turtle nest game.

On our mission to impact the next generation of Plastic Punchers, We segregated the waste at the beach and collected a full container with about 100kg of plastic waste.

The plastics collected will be turned into bricks for construction by Transformers International.

Thank you all the participating schools from New Ningo and the Association International School and all Plastic Punchers for making this event an impactful one.

Thank you Whitley Wildlife Conservation TrustKoala Supermarket for the Snacks and Surfrider Foundation Europe for the 50 reusable gloves.

Full story can be found on the ModernGhana website here.


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