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To promote sanitation, protect the lives of fishes in the sea, and support the transformation of minds in the country, a non-governmental organisation, Plastic Punch, has launched a mobile application as part of activities to mark its one year celebration….

The Plastic Punch Series Shooting

Environmental awareness is fun! Last year, Plastic Punch and Village Minds Production wrote a script for a theatre drama. The plot was about segregating waste and the consequences of dropping plastics on the floor, some years in advance where there…

Plastic Punch featured in Special report for GOOD JOB

A country drowning in plastic waste? In Ghana, several entrepreneurs put their foot down and created initiatives demonstrating that they can not only reduce waste, but also reuse it.     Axel Cadieux working for GOOD JOB, a media made by Society Magazine and…

Kids of Prampram

We had a great and productive weekend (17-18 Feb 2018) with the children in New Ningo! Awareness session, beach clean up and segregation and a plastic punchy game!!! A big thank you for the warm reception!

How it all began

Have you ever been to a beach infested with human waste, plastic bottles and trash? Over 100,000 turtles, birds and large ocean animals become trapped in nets and other garbage floating in the oceans, and die from plastic entanglement every…